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Top 10 Retailer Recommendations- Holiday Shopping Edition

Updated: Dec 23, 2020

We did our fair share of online shopping on days where it was just easier to scroll on our phones late night after putting the kids to bed. We had general ideas of what to get loved ones, and more specific ideas of what to get all of the kiddos (our kids + nieces / nephews / godchildren. Amazon and Target were our main go to's for gifts.

I'm the type that has a list either written down or on my phone. I go up and down each aisle to ensure that I don't miss anything or anyone for that matter. I check toys, home goods, electronics, clothes, shoes, and even the usual seasonal area for ideas + grabbing & going. It may take me time, but I prefer not to rush.

When I know specifically what's needed, Amazon was there for me at all times of the day and with quick shipping too. What's not to love?!

In general, holiday guides and circulars (paper and via Flipp) helped me get majority of our ideas + literally guided me through this years holiday season.

Besides Target and Amazon, our top 10 places to look for gift ideas were:

  1. Amazon (various items)

  2. Target (for toys, clothes, home goods

  3. Walmart - I am still looking here at various home good ideas. Looking at the Crossley record player and a skincare mini fridge

  4. Best Buy (for electronics)

  5. J.Crew (clothes and accessories) - they always have amazing sales!

  6. Nordstrom/Nordstrom Rack - there is always something good on sale there. Best thing is that you can buy Santa sacks in person- large was $25 & I believe medium was $20

  7. Urban Outfitters- they sell a Barefoot Dreams dup that is very comparable to the real thing!

  8. Academy - for sports goods

  9. Total Wine or Specs - for the family and friends in your lives that love libations

  10. Home Goods - getting items for the person that loves home decor!

Are you an online shopper or in person shopper? What stores did you shop at this time What's? What's were on your lists to buy this year?


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Top 10 Retailer Recommendations- Holiday Edition

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