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Things to Do in 2021

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

If there's one thing that 2020 has taught me is to let go, be less rigid, go with the flow more, and be more present, thoughtful, and mindful. While it's hard to do some of these things, I've found that it has allowed my life to be more peaceful and less tense. 2020 has given me more than I thought it would, and I'm grateful. With that said - new year, semi-new mindset.

Take advantage of the nooks and crannies of your day. Got that spare moment of peace and quiet in between your busy day. Use that to your advantage. Take a break for yourself. Take a walk. Get some air. Mental rest and reset. No time for outdoors? Take a 15-30 minute nap. Recharge your body for what you need to do. Awake in the middle of the night? Instead of mindless scrolling, write in your journal (convert to e-journal - saves time) or read something that will help you fall asleep.

De-clutter. Whether it be your home, your phone, or anywhere, anything or anyone in between, make it your mission. Not only does it bring physical neatness, it also brings down your stress levels and brings more peace into your home and your well being. Make a list - on paper or electronically - and commit to it. I'm going to do this more this upcoming year. This blog will help me commit. My first goal - de-clutter my phone (erase all images that are not needed) and clean up my bathroom (not a complete sh*t show, but could be better).

Elevate your health. This could be physical, mental, or emotional health. Poor eating habits and being less mobile can cause a decline in your health. Drinking more water makes a whole lot of a difference. Taking that 15 minute walk makes a difference. Taking on new hobbies that bring you joy makes a difference. Prioritizing YOU makes a whole lot of a difference. But don't forget being mindful of your loved ones, can also elevate your health too. My new hobbies this year included plants and crystals. Watching my plants grow and thrive brought me joy. Learning the metaphysical properties and how crystals could heal also brought me joy. These also brought awareness to my family and also taught them how these too can bring them joy. Physical, mental, and emotional health are important.

Unplug. Don't feel that unplugging will disconnect you from the world, although it really truly does. Sometimes you need it, and it's okay to acknowledge that you do need it. Be self aware of your needs, and if your health and well being calls for it, do it without hesitation. I did this several times this year, and it brought me a renewed sense of purpose. This is more advantageous than dehabilitating.

Learn to say no, even if it's a silent no. Saying no isn't a bad thing. Sometimes you have to say no, and that's alright. If it doesn't serve a good enough purpose, say no. If it goes against your beliefs, say no. If it brings you worry and stress, say no. You need to do something but you can't physically do it, say no. ie I need to get a run in, but I'd rather rest my body - say no. Although physical mobility is important, so is mental health. If it brings you more peace and less stress to lay there or sit in silence, saying no isn't a bad thing. Just do it. Live with no regret in that choice.

Be more intentional with choices. I can say that I've been learning to do more of this. Do I need something or do I want something? Does it give real purpose, and will I use it right away? Think before you speak. Will this potentially hurt someone by saying this statement? Am I saying something with purpose, or am I just talking to just talk? All scenarios grant some sort of thought process. Don't think too deep. Do what you feel is best, but be more mindful and intentional.

A lot of this advice is fairly basic and simple, yet thought provoking and allowed myself to think about what worked for me and what could potentially work for others. 2021 is within our grasp. Do you. Do things that are attainable. Don't clone what others are doing. Be you - authentic, unapologetic you. Love you. Love others. Saying sayonara to 2020. It was a memorable year to say the least, but praying that 2021 will restore a renewed sense peace and faith.


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