• Anne Simsuangco

The Way to my Heart is... ❤

through my stomach. Let's be 100% real, here. :D That has always been the case, and will never change (lol).

They say the apple never falls too far from the tree, and my 3 kids are the same exact way. One of the ways we should love to our children is through food. We show them in other ways, but I feel like food is an expressive form of art and love.

My absolute favorite breakfast that we made recently was a breakfast charcuterie board. One morning we decided to spice up breakfast, and did it this way. My husband the chef prepped and cooked the hot portion of the meal. Mama picked out the fruits, and washed them. LOL! A (Anyone else's husband or significant other the cook too?)

Besides that, I took the pancakes, and put it on a charcuterie board. Et voila, it became the most awesome breakfast and act of love for our family through food. The kids absolutely went insane for it!

Here are some other great Valentine's breakfast ideas that I pulled from Pinterest.

Emoji pancakes -

Raspberry Ricotta Crepes - Source:

Heart Shaped Cinnamon Rolls - Source:

I ❤ U pancakes - Source:

How are you celebrating Valentine's breakfast with your loved ones? Got anything special cooked up your sleeve? Can't wait to hear!

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