• Anne Simsuangco

The Before

Prior to Texas Charmed Life, Style with Annie existed. It was born from my passion for all things fashion. Living near the mecca for fashion (in my eyes) in New York, many opportunities were available for me to take advantage of.

After becoming a stay at home mom for almost 8 months, I decided it was time for me to go back into the workforce. However, I diverted from my normal office job. I took a leap of faith, applied for an assistant stylist job at the photo studio of a large NYC based department store. The Director saw something in me, and offered me the job although I had zero experience. One thing led to another, and more doors from the fashion world started slowly opening for me. Things that only people can dream for - working the tents at (the then) Mercedes Benz fashion week, networking with stylists and bloggers, attending fashion/media conferences, etc. I can go on.

So what's the purpose of the story? All you need is to be given one chance, and run with it. What sets you apart from the rest will grow your brand and take you beyond the moon and stars. Dream big, hustle hard, and surround yourself with people who root for your success. Steer clear of those that do the opposite. Short cuts are okay as long as they're used once, but taking the longer road makes the journey more triumphant. This little Jersey native dreamt big, and I'm forever grateful for all the opportunities that have been and are bestowed to me.


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