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Take a trip down candy cane lane with me...

It's the cutest thing I swear you'll ever see, it's the best

So get dressed, and impressed

You and the colors of the rainbow…

This song by Sia has been quite the favorite tune in our household lately. Very catchy lyrics, and it just puts you in the right mood. With it being so festive and upbeat, who wouldn't want to be in Christmas mode.

Not only has this song made our whole family happy year after year, it is also inspirational in more ways than one.

Christmas has always been a favorite holiday of mine for as long as I can remember. What makes it more special this past decade is having my husband and children to share it with. They inspire me to get creative and make things more happy and jolly. This year is no different, but I feel it's more important to emphasize how special it is. Covid has had a negative impact in many ways, but it has also created a positive impact as well. It has given me more time at home than what I'm used to, and I'm happy to have that extra time with my family.

That being said, with this tune in mind and the present situation, candy cane lane has become the theme I'm aiming for this year. Bright, vibrant colors is what I want to see inside AND outside of our home.

These are my inspiration images for what I want to do for our actual holiday tree. Oh wait, did I tell you that we have 3 Christmas trees? One big one for the living area, one for the hallway, and one kids tree. Oh and 3 small trees for each child. And I want more!!! I'm crazy about the holidays... and Christmas trees. 🤣

What is your inspiration for this year's holiday decor?


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