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Spring Cleaning...

Updated: Mar 27

99% of the time, our house looks like this.

We are an active family, and often out & about. We go shopping, the living room becomes a dumping ground. When we unpack the bags, they go straight to the laundry room if there are clothes. Once done with laundry, it goes back to the living room - the dumping ground. 🤣 Empty boxes and bags until someone picks it up to throw it out & put it away.

There will be days when I tend to get my cleaning done, and often times it's early Saturday morning, late Sunday afternoon, or even before I start my work day during the week. I'll fill the gaps of my days to just take care of the little cleaning tasks I need to do.

1) Get it done early. Life happens. We want to enjoy every moment, and often times chores get in the way of having fun. I try to conquer my chores like laundry, and putting away things before the kids get up whether it be during the week or weekend. Feels good to get it done, especially if the house is quiet.

2) Put things away at the moment you bring it into the house. Putting it to the side will only allow time to pass, and let it collect dust. Putting it in its proper place gets you organized very quickly.

3) Declutter. I've been trying to better about being rid of stuff that doesn't spark joy. And in return, it gives you more space to get things organized and in their proper space. It also gives you room for things you want and need lol. No need to hang onto that shirt or skirt from 5 years ago, especially if you haven't worn it.

4) Organize. Once decluttering is done, use those bins or empty space for other things that may not be used for the season.

5) Pat yourself on the back. Spring cleaning, or any kind of cleaning is hard. Especially if you are parent or just busy in general. Getting some cleaning done is a hard thing. Don't be harsh on yourself if things don't get done right away. Allow yourself some grace. We aren't perfect. I know for sure I'm not.

I hope these tips that I offered & shared with you are helpful. This is what works for our family.

Happy Spring cleaning y'all! 🌼🌸🌻🌹💮

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