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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

In the past few months, I had to learn about a new way of living. This part of the US (Texas) has been hit real hard in the past month, and the cases are growing even higher. Given that my interaction with the outside world - in terms of going out to restaurants, stores, etc. - have been limited, this "allowed" me to indulge and splurge on a new hobby that I had no idea I'd ever have interest in.

Many in my community have turned to gardening and planting in general as an outlet, a hobby, and a connection to the outdoors world. In the warmer months down here in Houston, you can find me ... indoors. Yup, that's right. Heat, humidity, and sunlight are not my thing unless I am going to the beach. I sound borderline vampire-ish. I might as well be a member of the Cullen Family (hopefully you get my reference right here).

It all started in April, where little me ordered a raised gardening bed. Unfortunately, I did not realize that COVID would have such an affect until it took basically over a month to have it shipped from Vermont to Texas. No issue with that as I understood it would take some time. It allowed me to deeply think about what vegetables I wanted to buy and plant & some time to think about what I wanted my garden to be like.

Being that it took some time, I focused my energy on indoor plants. Now this is where the fun begins. It all started with buying 3 indoors plants from Plant Decor Shop. I ordered a Monstera Deliciosa, Peperomia Thailand, and String of Pearls.

Little did I know that while waiting for my raised garden bed, that I would develop a love (or obsession lol) over indoor plants. What started with 2 plants I've inherited from my mother's college classmate to slowly buying a few plants here and there, it was clear that my affinity for indoor plants was borderline crazy.

For a brief moment in time towards the end of May into June, it was considered "safe" to be out and about. So every weekend for about 4-5 weekends in a row, my friend and I would caravan (drive separately but together) to nurseries in the area. We socially distanced best we could whilst wearing masks in this god awful heat. Taking these preventative measures allowed us to "act normal" to some extent while connecting with my new found hobby.

My little space on the dining table turned into a full on mini jungle in the corner of our dining room area. Now I have amassed a collection of indoor plants totaling 50 plants (yes, I said 50! lol). I have 18 outdoors, and 32 indoors. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but hey these living things bring me JOY!

Even if we weren't living in a COVID world, I believe you should do things and splurge on things that bring you joy. Of course, do things within reason, but do YOU. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Here are a couple photos of my planty loves. Keep in mind these are not the only ones that I have. I'll be happy to take you on a little tour via my Instastories in the near future.

(Tangent) I recently discovered this meme on what each sign is doing during COVID, and I thought this was spot on. I'm a Virgo, and this meme couldn't be more true. (/end tangent)

What have you been splurging on? Would love to hear all about it!

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