• Anne Simsuangco

Self Care ... ❤

can look like anything and can be anything as long as you take the time to replenish your cup, and recharge your battery.

I am a working mom of 3. Finding balance between work, making sure the kids are up to date on school + religion school + extracurricular activities is very hard. After getting married and having #1, #2, and #3, self care has taken on a different form.

Self care for me is:

- reading. I rarely read anything beyond what is on my phone. There is more to life that my phone so I have to learn to let go

- putting on a face mask

- stepping outside and getting a breath of fresh air

- taking time to water my plants indoors and outdoors

- taking a long hot shower (sans interruptions)

- doing my 7-8 step skincare routine

- blow drying my hair

- heading to the nursery or any store by myself

- acknowledging you need to recharge and refresh & the way I do that is by taking a nap! :D

Besides these acts where I am the lone recipient, I also think self care is expressing your feelings and thoughts to your significant other, your partner, children, and or family members. Letting them know how you are feeling - whether it's expressing your stress or simply by telling them you love them. Those are acts of self care. You are allowing yourself to let others in how you are feeling right then and there.

As simple as my list may be, self care is important. Never forget that you come first. You cannot care for others on an empty cup. Fill yours first, and then fill others.

So this heart day, try to do one or all of the above! You deserve the best always.


What acts of self care have you done recently?

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