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Recharge and restart...


That seems to be a common theme in the New Year. Coming off what seems to be quite an interesting year that is 2020, I knew it was an opportunity to continue the good habits that I've started last year and think of & bring to action new habits.

So where do I begin? Restarting good cleaning habits is where I started. Minimalizing, decluttering, and organizing were at the top of my agenda. But another top priority is cleanliness and reinstating a routine that keeps our house in tip top shape.

I'm all about finding products that are safe, not made of harsh chemicals, but also does the job of removing grease, grime, and dirt. Thankful to have found Art of Green®. Art of Green® is non-toxic, has naturally derived ingredients, is not tested on animals, safe for your skin, amongst many other positive things. Having 3 young children, I always lean on using chemicals that are safe to use around them but also are effective & does the job.

Besides Art of Green®, CLORALEN® is the newest kid on the block. CLORALEN® packs a punch with 3 pronged power. It disinfects, deodorizes, and deep cleans. CLORALEN® can be used for tackling not only laundry but also disinfecting + cleaning all surfaces throughout your home.

My absolute favorite thing about Art of Green® and CLORALEN® is that both companies donated 43,000 bottles of product to the Houston Food Bank to help those in need as a result of Covid-19. That tugs on my heartstrings because there's nothing I love more than a company that gives back to the community.

This post was sponsored by Art of Green® and CLORALEN®. All thoughts and opinions are my own. To learn more, please visit:

Art of Green®


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