• Anne Simsuangco

Keeping up...

not with the Kardashians. (lol)

Life happens, and it has become especially more busy with 3 kids.

Things that I was able to do before kids have become slightly challenging to do now.

But I'm thanking my lucky stars that I've found Merry Maids of Houston.

Merry Maids was referred to me by a friend, and their service has been amazing. They came and visited first, and then we were able to coordinate the day of services via text message.

My favorite part of their services is that the day of, you receive a text message with a link to see where your personal cleaning staff is and what time they will arrive. You see a photo of your "maid" as well as her information. That put me at ease knowing who would be coming to our home prior to their arrival.

After the services were complete and I walked into our home, I was very pleasantly surprised. The house smelled clean, and the areas that were clean were spotless.

The cherry on top? The personal touches that I found around the house were the bonus.

If you're from the Houston area, definitely reach out to Merry Maids, and I promise you won't be disappointed. You can request an estimate by completing a form, or texting them at the phone number on their website. Tell them Annie (@texascharmedlife) sent you!

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