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Having moved into a new home nearly 2 years ago, our walls are still a blank canvas. Not too long ago, we hung up our first 2 pieces on the walls - a clock and a mirror.

Sometimes, it takes a bit more time to find that source of inspiration to do some more in our home. Today, I went with girlfriends to the Heights (otherwise known as the Houston Heights or Greater Heights), and little did I know that stops in all of the shops on 19th was going to inspire me to do more in our home.

If you're in the area and have not made it to 19th street, head over there! You won't be disappointed.

Shops I recommend checking out for some inspiration are:

* Jubilee - Amazing home decor, cute clothing and shoes, and a fun vibe!

* Emerson Rose - Trendy chic clothing, shoes, and accessories. The store is super cute, and it'll either inspire you or want to shop endlessly.

* Eclectic Home - As soon as you step into the shop, I wanted every single thing on the front table. So what was on the front table you ask? I'm sure it might change, but they had a ton of faux succulents and amazingly affordable vases. As you go more further in to the store, lots of beautiful decor. You won't want to miss this shop.

* Coda - A shop that is chock full of fun and funny items that you can add to your home. I recommend not missing this one because you sure will have fomo if you do.

* Mary & Moss - This was the first store I went to when I was with my girlfriends. The front table surely lured me in. It had crystals (& explanations/meanings of who would match with those crystals), candles, and cute photo books. It's the type of shop that you'll want to go to over and over again.

* Casa Ramirez - I saw a colored drawing of Frida in the front window, and that was enough to invite me in. Majority of the goods are from Latin American countries, and it reminds me of my most recent trip to Mexico. Lots of quality goods from clothes to souvenirs to hats to books. If you love things from this region of the world, check it out!

Thank you Houston Heights for inspiring me to do more (in my home) and inspire me to do more in general.

** Note ** This post is not sponsored. It's purely based on the my opinion.

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