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Heart Day... ❤

Celebrating holidays has taken on what it seems like a new form. Living during a pandemic has altered how we celebrate holidays, and Valentine's Day will follow the same suit.

Prior to having children, we had a bit more flexibility to go out and be about but Valentine's day is celebrated slightly different with 3 babes in tow. The special meaning is still there.

Valentine's Day holds a special place in my heart because 2 days before the actual holiday in 2009, my then boyfriend became my fiance. Sweet boy proposed to me in San Juan, Puerto Rico. ❤💕

Fast forward to last year, the pandemic was already existing in other parts of the world, but barely made it to Texas at that point. We celebrated the actual holiday at home, with a nice home-cooked meal, and then spent the rest of the weekend in Austin with family and friends.

This year, still in a pandemic and with things worse than a year ago, we still plan on staying home. However, the most important part is being healthy and being with my loved ones.

Our at home date will likely consist of a nice meal. Steak is usually the meal of choice. Then afterwards end our meal with dessert - cookies or maybe ice cream loaded with the kids favorite toppings - whipped cream, chocolate chips, and maybe some chocolate syrup drizzled. And capping off the night - a movie! Netflix and Disney + are our go to's.

Have any plans cooked up for this day of love? What activities do you recommend doing with children (Ours are 9, 7.5, and 6.5 years old) ? What movies would you recommend that are coming out in February?

While this day may not be for everyone, treat yourself and others with love and care in your own special way. ❤


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Heart Day

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