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Date Night... ❤

It's rare that we ever do date night, but if we do, it normally involves a holiday party or running errands while either set of grandparents watch the kids (if they're in town).

As mentioned in a previous blog, date nights have taken on new forms after having children. Date nights can be super simple or can be extravagant as you'd like it to be. I wanted to share with you some of our versions of "date nights".

At Home date night

This is the route we normally take. Date night includes a special meal cooked up by my husband. Special meals normally include something thrown on the bbq - whether it's chicken, ribs, burgers or steak. Then always gotta have a side or two - veggies and a carb. After our meals, we tend to gravitate and think about dessert. Whether it's a store bought cake, ice cream with special toppings, or something baked in the oven like cake, brownies, or banana bread, we have to have something sweet to cap off the night.

Casual date night/date day

In our case, it's rare we have date night where we go out unless we have my parents or in laws in town or my cousin's kids watch our kids. So if we're out and about by ourselves & we haven't eaten, we think about what the other enjoys eating. High up on our priority list is burgers (!!). We love it and can't get enough. In our area, in order of least casual to fancy casual, here is our top list of places to grab burgers:

- Whataburger - I like it, but honestly it is at the bottom of my top favorites.

- In n Out - one of my top favorite fast food places

- Shake Shack - I hold this place higher in rank than In n Out

- Grub Burger - Excellent burger choices, and an awesome craft beer menu

- Hop Doddy - Based in Austin, TX, this restaurant has super cool burger choices + an even awesome drink menu

Fancy date night/date day

Let's be real, this is super super rare for us to do, and we may go on these types of dates maybe every few years. And, that's the whole truth. This means wearing jeans, but with a different pair of shoes other than sneakers or my Adidas shell tops (lol). Here is a list of top places that we'd go for either a fancy day date or date night.

- Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse - Something about the steak down here in Texas - just put it this way that I die for it. It was that good.

- Any good sushi restaurant. I'm all for all you can eat, but freshly made on the spot. We haven't been to our top favorite AYCE sushi restaurant in awhile, but I pray we can go once it's safer.

- Thai food - Something about Thai food screams fancy. That's my own opinion.

- Spanish or Cuban food - something about chuletas made with a good rub screams fancy part dos.

Irregardless of where you go, during what time of the day, or even if you choose to stay in, you'll make date night work the best way you can.

What are your top favorite things to do during date night? What are your favorite cuisines to

eat during date night?

Here are some photos from past "date nights or date days".

- Field trip to the zoo with our second daughter.

- Stolen moment from a holiday photo shoot.

- Seeing Zedd in concert at the Houston Rodeo

- Houston Rodeo pre-concert show.

- Company holiday party at the Houston Zoo.

eat foreat during date night?

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