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Cookie Me This!

National cookie day may have come and gone, but we're still enjoying this special day with the cookies that we've baked!

If you already don't know, I'm following a gluten free diet. Since I've started, my husband and kids eat gluten free food with me from time to time. Despite this, I would not let that prevent me from celebrating!

My favorite part of baking these delicious treats was doing this with my son. I did some research, and picked out this amazing gluten free recipe.


I mixed all the dry ingredients together in the Kitchenaid Mixer bowl - gluten free all purpose flour, almond flour, baking soda, and salt.

I first melted the stick of butter in a glass measuring cup. I then took wet ingredients (almond milk, egg, vanilla) and added the sugar. Since I couldn't find the brown sugar, I only used white sugar. Once all the wet ingredients were whisked into a smooth and creamy consistency, you pour it into the mixing bowl.

I let the mixer take over, while we started to put away the ingredients. Don't forget to throw your chocolate chips in!! Once it becomes doughy, you stop mixing then cover the bowl for 30 minutes. Turn on your oven & set to 350 degrees. Once the 30 minutes are up, take the dough and roll them up into little ball shapes & set them on your baking sheet(s). Pop them into your oven for 10-12 minutes (or longer depending on how big your cookies are). We put them in for 20 minutes.

After 20 minutes, we took them out, and they came out cute, chubby, and crinkled. This was the best first batch of gluten free chocolate chip cookies we've made! I'd call it a success!

For my gluten free pals, y'all should try this out! You'll love it!

I've connected with some amazing bloggers to share some blogs featuring recipes, hacks, and more for National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day. Head to each of their blogs to check out what they are sharing!

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